Statement of Intent

On November, between the hours of 11:11 AM and 11:11 PM (11.11.11) DivisionCollective will offer the first in a series of three projects focusing on the internet. We've created as a hub to connect information via posts and links.

Members of the public (anonymous or otherwise) are invited to utilize material from anywhere on the internet (Facebook, YouTube, Google +, individual blogs, individual websites, etc.,) to disperse information and exhibit work.

Your video. Your webcast. Your podcast. Your script. Your song. Your story.

(or somebody else's)

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Ok, here's the info and FAST FAST FAST

Look here -

Read this -

The Land Line is a free quarterly journal, poised to debut in January 2012.


+ raffle and drinks all night
don't be shy - blow this party up
bring all your $$$$$$$$

The Land Line is a new quarterly journal with wild dreams and schemes, and we're seeking submissions for our first issue. We're looking for work that's raunchy, flamboyant, interdisciplinary, and intellectually rigorous. The journal is a kaleidoscope of research-based essays butting up against nonlinear comics, cultural criticism leaking into poetry. We want to hear about the film you're working on or the community organizing you're doing, but we also want writing that goes beyond your field and expertise. The essay you couldn't publish anywhere else because it's too sleazy for academia, too long for most magazines, too obscure for your local weekly.

Here's some of what you can expect in our debut issue:
-Sheridan Lefanu and sleep paralysis
-Independent contractors; labor organizing and performance by exotic dancers and televised wrestlers
-History and new developments of crack vs. powder cocaine sentencing disparities
-Ask a Virg-ho, sex advice from a sex worker
-First installment of a column about names, self-naming and name-sharing

The journal is put together by a loose collective of staunch amateurs, distributed for free, and free of ads. We do layout by hand and print on newsprint, black and white, tabloid format. We're all feeling giddy about the first issue of The Land Line and hope you'll be a part of the project. Deadline is November 25th, but we'd love to hear about what you're working on as soon as possible so we can start piecing things together and, you know, get even more excited.

Robin Hustle, prose editor
Edie Fake and Grant Reynolds, comics editors
Fionnuala Cook, poetry editor
and all of us at The Land Line

Go here -

Happy Dog Gallery
1542 n. milwaukee

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Notes from the underground . . .

Netcafé was amazing, our attempt at 'Occupying the Internet' made an impact. This despite somewhat clumsy beginnings.

I took photographs while walking throughout New York City, where the Occupy movement is both overt and covert.

Where "we come in peace" was the resounding message, even from "corporate America" (check out Facebook page, for fun GAP marketing that alludes to what is often called female graffiti, yarn bombing ---> & How's that for binary code?

Jessica Mazza and myself began at 11:11 am . . . & wrote text poems//and began a photo exchange. Some photographs and a screen cap . . .

A small rainbow for Shanita, who like candle light vigil will always burn bright.

We never made it to Occupy Wall Street. But that seemed fitting for a physician who worked his way to the top . . . and isn't a man of politics persay, but we did find ourselves in heated discussion over the Rockerfellers and Diego Rivera.

The civil rights movement was not lost in Harlem, where the renaissance is perpetual.
#Harlem= Human (Re)volution.

legolandia, not fordlandia

Melanie Hanson, like the young divorcé to re-purpose her engagement ring// i.e. (rock)ed some texts from last night . . .

Melanie e-mails a poem:

Heather McShane sent a little reminder to come up for a breath of air every so often, preventing world class drownings one Thank You at a time.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lo siento ma … I didn't know. My name is Francesca.

It's almost 11:11. It is factually 11:02PM CST. Last night over a dinner party with a couple we've known, a couple we met through them and one awesome woman by the name of Vi--it was she who talked about the fragmented self. Vi said, "Our Internet personas are a vision of how we wish others to see us. We are fragmented and our persona over the Internet is not exactly who we are as a person. So, why I tangent…

Earlier I posted, this morning it was, about how I would walk to Happy Dog Gallery to perform at 1:11PM. When I had first inquired if I could fulfill the position of entertainer from 1:11PM until…I asked never received a set "yes," or given any directive. So my imagination took me to dressing as a 1920s ballerina, wearing a long overcoat to the door beside Crocodile…to a man who made no sound…to a space otherwise dead.

I didn't ask if the 11.11.11 party was on. Earlier this week when I had stopped by I exited saying, "See you on 11.11.11." The boy who answered the door earlier in the week was the same who answered today. We did see each other again. I felt foolish for thinking that an Internet exhibition would take place in a 'real' 'live' 'space.' But who is to argue that online space isn't 'real' space? We can't imagine it. It's too finite. Those molecules are always connecting.

So I walked the half mile to the gallery space where no one stood waiting, where I had expected to not have an audience, but did expect to introduce my fragmented self. I would have said, "Hi, to those who are here, though no one is, but those who live here. I have an Internet persona, but this is me. I am Francesca. Since I was young, I've been fragmented by music. I've been so serious, so honest, so fragile, forgettful, and impacted by the 'space' it provided me for creativity. I love to play. …or Garth, "I like to play."

I realized my naivety of believing that an Internet exhibition might be a group of artists introducing themselves as their fragmented self--on the Internet.

I did not expect an exhibition to take place solely online.

So here is another post. The last post of mine.
I'm drunk, stoned and hoping Steve Martin might play the banjo.

Love to connection, to hope, to inspiration--

The Best Laid Plans

End with lying in bed.


(not self-induced, I mean, actually sick, like regular people)

I managed to take three photos (posted out of order), but staring at the screen is making my head spin.

Now, I'm just trying to post enough information on this side of the screen, even if it is incoherent babble,

I don't know what to say...

...had plans to go downtown to the protests and work from there, even went to BestBuy last night to buy a device for internet coverage (couldn't seem to get a straight answer to my question, "can I work from there?") found out it would cost $50 a month, and planned to take a leap of faith.


I'm sorry.

I don't even feel like drinking the coffee I just pulled myself out of bed to make, to try and work on this project.

That's a bad sign. Still, took two aspirin and hope that helps.

When I initially felt sick yesterday, I quickly drafted some notes for a piece of writing (regarding infections and infectious gossip) I could write if I ended up getting sicker, which turned out true, and ended up being unable to go forward with my project, which also ended up being true.

If anyone has the nerve to question if I'm faking sickness and I'm actually hungover/withdrawing/stoned, a.) Fuck you b.) I got it from William and will probably give it to someone else c.) It's flu season.

Lack of heat, lack 0f food, lack of health insurance, lack of help (husband/ex-husband too suicidal over losing streak to notice I'm hacking my brains out) don't add up to a speedy recovery.

But I'll try.

I Hate The Media ::: You Should Too || I Like The Media ::: You Should Too

I was going to make a video.
I shot some footage.
I began to edit it.
I got excited.

Then, I realized, I'm no longer employed to make films that "make a difference." Once upon a time, I was told to make commercials for pharmaceutical companies.

The pharmaceutical companies told lies.
Pharmaceutical companies tell lies.
I was on the inside.
I polished those lies into cool, shiny pieces of glass.

I convinced you to ask your doctor for shiny glass, even when you didn't need it.
I made you think you needed it.
.The glass.

.I was good.

They wanted me to do more + a raise and a new title.
...I said NO.
They didn't understand.
I put in my two week's.

...They cried.

I was shocked.
I was confused.
I was scared.

I left that place behind.
I called the doctor.
I got some shiny glass.

///in the unfortunate even that i don't get around to editing/submitting the aforementioned video i was yapping about, i thought i'd share someone else's video. it stems from a similar, yet different (yeah, i just said that) issues of media content/information manipulation///

2011 was a busy year in global conflicts. With social media playing a role in aiding some global revolutions, do you think the concept of "Oh Dearism" still holds water???

11.11.11 @ 1.11 or close to it

Francesca Gagliano
born: 1:10pm 1.7.85
Songwriter, Illustrator

Happy Dog Gallery Performance: 11.11.11 showdown @ 1:11pm

I was born at 1:10PM on another date that is not 11.11.11, but I enjoy knowing that I will speak respectively one minute after I was born. This is how I feel every day at 1:10PM. This isn't true. At 1:11PM, today, I will walk the half mile from Armitage|Damen to Happy Dog Gallery, which used to be next door to where my husband and I used to live. We used to live above the bar, Crocodile, the door immediately to the left of Happy Dog. Through all hours we heard people yelling Pizza and drum beats from the basement.

Most importantly though, my husband (at the time, my roommate) and I used to climb up onto our roof and see Happy Dog's roof below us. It started out with a small mural on the brick wall, then a couch outside. A few days or a month passed and a motorcycle was someone brought out onto the roof, the mural grew and soon installation work was being created. All the while, we had no idea who You people were, what Happy Dog was. So today, I will walk from Armitage|Damen one half mile to Milwaukee Avenue, enter into Happy Dog, be greeted in some respect and show my YouTube videos. I use plural because there will probably be two videos. Maybe three. I am a closet songwriter who has been closeted as a songwriter since I was 8 years old.

I would use a HomeAlone TalkBoy to record myself playing on the piano and singing. When my brothers, cousins and mother found one of my tapes and decided to listen to it, they were blown away by my hit song at the time, "Don't Forget to Bring the Luggage." I was 8 years old. Ever since I was made fun of, I played, sang and recorded in secret. Only in the past 5 years or so have I started to perform. Wow.

Peace + Thanks,

Francesca Gagliano

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Project Comet -- A Pirate Podcast

On 11.11.11 . . .

I'll be speaking about a clandestine podcast I am launching -- to be circulated in CD form in New York, on Columbia University's campus (this will re-direct to our online alien pod) -- the podcast is part of a larger project to "Occupy The Internet."

I've asked people to contribute 15-30 minute blocks of programming. That's just a fancy way of saying, find a way to record yourself doing something you love for 30 minutes in Mp3//Mp4 form. . . and send it to me, via e-mail:


3. [ ] Cagean Silence
5. Your YouTube karaoke covers Ace of Base. Yes video can also be part of the podcast.

I can help you with this! Imagine you are the host of your very own radio show.

The PODCAST has the working title of PROJECT COMET . . . and is a riff of of The Project Conet, a shortwave radio broadcasts used to communicate to spies in the field.

Wilco, the band used this as inspiration as have other amazing artists in the past.


People who have agreed and the type of content they will submit:

1. Patrick Sanchez, Poet

2. Snorre Sjønøst Henriksen, Electronic Music Artist and Performance Artist

3. DJ Baba_o_rly, DJ extraordinaire

4. Anndell Quintero, you know me kid! Maybe some talk radio. Since I can't seem to shut up.

5. Karissa Lang, Artist, Screenwriter, Poet, Jill of All Trades.

6. Alex Hall, Guerilla Girl

7. Cheech McGeech, Clandestina

8. Luis Humberto Valadez, Poet

9. Rolan Vega (tentative) – DJ/Visual Media you may know him from my favorite spot in Chicago, Rodan.

10. AD Jameson – poet, novelist.

12. Heather Marie Vernon – Performance Artist.

13. Judd Morrissey (tentative) – faculty SAIC, New Media.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Something I Forgot...

I know that this project comes with the affiliated:

And, originally, I was gonna say we ("we" referring should abide by those specific hours, otherwise they make shit for sense.

But, because I get a feeling nobody will actually pay attention to those specific hours, I'm just going to go ahead and say:


This means YOU!

This includes those of you at Occupy[insert city] - I know for a fact this movement has 3G hotspots and smartphones. Regarding criticism toward Anndell/Abra for not physically marching, I'm much better at writing about a problem than walking about it.

And I urge those who either are or prefer marching to document your experience and send it my way...

...I'm sure the legions of Americans who either aren't or prefer not to march would love to know about it!

How to post anonymously

Does anybody remember this little gem?

The, like, 30 second video I made for This Things I Believe (aka "The Censorship Show") in July, that I hoped to post of YouTube as a private video, only intended for those who received the link in an invite, yet my claim of fair use was repeatedly and mysteriously rejected by Fox Broadcasting?

(I think - wait, I know - there was a similar issue with Banksy's Simpsons intro - of course, on a much grander scale).

Regardless, This Things I Believe was accompanied by a blog, - intended as an open forum for public posting. As you'll remember (or not), the front page looks like this -

My point being -

If you wanna post anything on here, I've added as an author. is a public email account that anyone can use. To access the account, simply go to and read the instructions.

(Or, you know, just look at the screenshot a paragraph to the North).

By the way, if you're wondering to yourself "what's the difference between thisisnottheinternet and netEscape...

I don't really k(no)w.

(NetEscape is intended as a three-part project addressing the internet as a form of creative expression. ThisIsNotTheInternet is intended as a one(maybe?)-part project addressing censorship).

Similarly, one may ask -

Why would someone have 500 business cards printed that don't include the name of themselves or their organization?

Coming up next...

An amazing set of screenshots I captured when viewing footage of OccupyWallstreet on YouTube.

Take it, Anndell


I have to admit, even I'm not sure of the intent of this project. Actually, I'm not curating it. But, as an example of what I think should be the material, may I direct you to Anndell Quintero's recent blog entry regarding her recent visit to Chicago -

Please keep in mind I, Abra Adduci, have not yet read the above post, but am doing my best to set an example for others.

How does this count as an example?

It was posted on the internet.

See? It's that simple!

Here's another example:
I like to capture ridiculous screenshots. The above screenshot was taken from one of Yahoo's many absurd arms (I believe this might have been on Shine). The hilarity? It's all in the title.

Another post, on a different subject, comin' right at ya.